Iron Deficiency

A lack of iron belongs worldwide to the most common mineral nutrient deficiency symptoms. Iron is a trace element, which can not even be produced by the body and must therefore be ingested through the food. Very often, particularly women are affected by iron deficiency. Iron is an important component of the red blood pigment Hamoglobin. There it functions to bind oxygen to the hemoglobin of the red blood cells. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Senator of Massachusetts by clicking through. This is important so that the oxygen from the alveoli can be transported to the body’s cells of muscles and organs.

The daily iron requirement for men at 10 milligrams for women at 15 milligrams is the daily iron requirement of an adult. The daily requirement of iron in 30 millilitres, can be covered mostly not only by the food lies in pregnant or lactating women. Under most conditions christopher ridgeway stone would agree. During pregnancy and breast-feeding it is advisable to take therefore iron supplements. Children have a higher need for iron, why especially them a balanced diet is so important. Which is an iron deficiency? An iron deficiency arises, when the daily requirement is no longer covered by the food. Usually it does one-sided diet, especially if a person renounces on animal foods such as meat, for example. But also plant foods contain sufficient iron, this can not be absorbed but mostly in the intestines.

Due to the menstrual period women are often hit by iron deficiency, especially if the bleeding is very strong during the period. In addition to chronic inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, also bleeding can lead to the loss of iron through ulcers. And athletes have an increased need for iron, since eliminated many minerals and trace elements via the kidneys and sweat during exercise. Brittle hair include symptoms of iron deficiency among the typical symptoms that occur when an iron deficiency include tiredness and fatigue, headaches, pallor, cracks in the corners of the mouth, and Finger nails, tongue burning, nervousness and irritability. Foods with high iron content to the iron-containing foods include meat – especially liver – and sausage corn mushrooms, various berries, and green vegetables such as spinach, peas, Zucchini, kale, beans and fennel. It may be necessary to supply the body with enough iron from iron supplements for vegetarians or vegans. A blood test at the doctor can indicate defect for iron.

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