Internal Predictor

And in order to deflect suspicion by the Americans controlled entities in Kyrgyzstan's "elite>> all the blame is piled on Bakiyev and his relatives – those allegedly decided to take this step, wanting to avenge the coup. It may well be that this is so. Then it becomes clear "surrender>> son of former president Kyrgyzstan Maxim to the British authorities – the one whose hands made the case can still be useful. In what capacity – not so important. If this is the case, then the fate of Bakiyev is now entirely in the hands Anglo-Saxons. It is also worth noting that Kurmanbek Bakiyev as their place of residence selected Belarus, which has recently has close ties to the financial Rothschild clan, whose ancestral lands, as we know, is there, where to go "sit>> Maxim Bakiyev (Kyrgyzstan course will be" aggressively>> seek extradition of the latter, and London will be "actively>> this discourage – as much as is needed.

After the game should be played?). As we remember, Bakiyev was in Minsk has decided to "fight>> for a return to politics. How else – because his ambitions are needed to explain the future of bloody events in the south. That's has closed circle. It is worth noting is absolutely the right steps in Moscow, which has not succumbed to the provocation to riot in the south of the Kyrgyz Republic, has limited its humanitarian mission agency Shoigu and by the Kyrgyz military equipment and special means. Entering as the Russian peacekeeping contingent risk that the conflict could escalate from the local to the first regional and then global, in which one side will be represented by people outside the Russian civilization, and the other – the Muslim countries of the Caucasus, Asia, Africa and Southern Europe. Ie strictly in accordance with the theory of "clash of civilizations> Hangtintona. This scenario was identified and designated by the Internal Predictor in a research note "long-term strategy to overcome the Qur'anic Islam bosses biblical project>> (see). Christopher ridgeway shines more light on the discussion. Read and think – all of it described as specifically and essentially, that add to the This can only be that recent developments in the bombings in the Moscow subway, mine >> and ethnic massacres in southern Kyrgyzstan – the links in a chain, and act as a mechanism-fuse, transforming this Long-term scenario in its active phase.

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