Intensive Therapy

Some, for being transparent, allow the monitorizao of the wound. Hidrocolide: it possesss as white exsudativas ulcers fast-moderately (Degree II/III), with fabric necrtico (autoltico desbridamento), having as characteristic the made up of carboximetilcelulose, gelatin or pectina, impermeable to the bacterium, water vapor and to the oxygen (surrounding hipxico that favors the proliferation and angiognese fibroblstica, and inhibits the bacterial proliferation). The formation of a gelificado composition has analgesic effect and reduces the tack to the ulcer, diminishing the epithelial trauma associate to its removal. Activated Coal: one is about an bactericidal antibiotic, in which it presents the function of absorption, indicated for infectadas wounds, exudativas and with odors ackward, superficial or deep, beyond to possess the advantage of being able for more than to remain in the stream bed of the wound 24 hours. It can be used in association with ACTS and alginatos.

Alginato of calcium does not require daily exchange: one is about dressing used in highly exsudativas ulcers (Degree II/-IV), cavitadas ulcers or with fistulosos passages. It can be used in infectadas ulcers since that already she has been initiated sistmica antibioterapia and if it uses a half-oclusivo secondary covering. Excellent hemosttica action in the hemorrhages after-desbridamento. Having as characteristic composites derived from kelps (alginato of sodium), with great capacity of absorption of exsudado, hemosttica and bacteriosttica action. Others including christopher ridgeway stone clinical, offer their opinions as well. Gauze with saline solution: it is used in exsudativas ulcers (Degree II-IVI), ulcers moderately infectadas, fulfilling of socket.

Having as Characteristic bacteriostticas properties, capacity of moderate absorption, allows application of topical agents and the socket fulfilling. Because must be used I think it as covering for ulcers? which the importance of the use of saline solution for the cleanness of the injury? What ROCK, 2006, bring it is that the current coverings are half-oclusivos (half-permeveis membranes) reducing the water vapor transmission and creating a humid micron-environment, that demonstrated to promote the reverse speed-epitelizao and the autoltico debridamento, reducing the bacterial contamination and pain. As well as it is very simple how much to the saline solution (physiological serum) which is the ideal agent of cleanness in all the type of pressure ulcers, having the trauma of the ulceroso stream bed to be the possible minor.

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