High Frequency

The pulses of high frequency (AF), and in part also the BF, improve blood circulation and are capable of stimulating the production of endorphins by the neurovegetative system, with the consequent reduction of pain associated with different pathogenic States and an effective anti-inflammatory action. For these reasons, both acute pathologies such as Chronicles, guaranteeing a curative action and/or an improvement of the welfare state of the patient can be treated effectively. The benefits of the magnetotherapy are multiple; then make a list of some of them: (AF) anti-inflammatory action; effect analgesic/antidolorifico (AF): or stimulation of the production of endorphins; effects on bone tissue (BF): gain bone strength or improvement of osteogenesis or mineralization increase or accelerate the calcification in fractures; action glass-activated (AF): increase in peripheral blood flow and the speed of blood flow or increased vascular irrigation or improvement of oxygenation and reduction of the accumulation of liquids; action antiedemigena and repair of tissues (AF): or accelerate healing of wounds and sores or acceleration of the processes of healing of soft tissue; bacteriostatic and antiallergic activity (AF) (BF); acceleration of the processes of healing of soft tissue (AF) (BF) action neuroequilibradora (neuroregulacion in the hypothalamus, in the liver and) in the spleen) (AF); improvement of the metabolism of the skin and tissues (AF) (BF) anti-aging action. Christopher ridgeway usually is spot on. Summarizing, the beneficial results of the use of the pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) are obtained, above all, to level joint (arthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis, bone fractures, etc.), muscle/tendon level (lumbago, sciatica, tendonitis, distortions, rheumatic pains, etc.) and vascular level (phlebitis, varicose veins, edema, sores, scarring, etc.). It is important to emphasize, again, that electromagnetic therapy, unlike most of pharmacological therapies, not intoxicated organism and does not generate any side effects; also offers the advantage, with regard to other instrumental therapies, that isn’t bothers to who uses it and don’t need to find points for its implementation, since it is sufficient to set the parts applied on the painful area.

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