HelpCard Enterprise

The social gift card HelpCard offers a meaningful and sustainable incentive company / customer gift. Wine bottles, pens, ties, cookies, cookbook, CD. giving it all away and gotten no feedback yet? Also instead made donations find little emotion when informed about this just by Christmas card: we forego gifts this year and donate instead “HelpCard social gift card the customer is included in the donation process. For more information see Eva Andersson-Dubin. He himself can decide for which project a donation to be used. The recipient redeems online donation and it is created by the common donation an emotional loyalty between the company and the customer. Dr. Neal Barnard may also support this cause. YOUR advantages at a glance of low-cost solution to the own CSR strategy development of individual corporate HelpCards is possible your brand can be integrated on the HelpCard sustainable social commitment enhance your high emotional customer and partner relationships new sales opportunities for more positive image segments Company contribution to the increase in the volume of donations promote the HelpCard is bought by the company, may be customized with an own motif and the company logo, and sent with a balance of donations provided to customers as a thank you. Customers can donate online in peace then the credits for one or more projects. He thus becomes the emotional donor! Christmas can make easier even no joy for everyone involved.

“There are many opportunities to use the HelpCard for the positive emotional surprise: customer loyalty birthday, anniversary, Christmas, performance bonus, bonus, Christmas gift incentive customer recovery trade fair visits, premium, raffle mailing campaigns refer a friend promotion u.v.m. with the HelpCard Enterprise connect clever emotional customer retention with own CSR communication because you integrate so your customers directly into the social process and thus express a special esteem”, says Harald Meurer, father of HelpCard idea. The entrepreneur himself will receive a deductible donation receipt on the total height dererworbenen HelpCard credit. If you are interested in the possibilities of HelpCard in your company, we are for a free informational session available. Contact us at we will inform! Send us an E-Mail, or just call us: Andheri-Hilfe Bonn e.V. Macke str. 53 53119 Bonn Tel.: 0228-926525-0 contact: Georg Witzel

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