Hearing Loss And Tinnitus To New Year

A permanent hearing damage and a nagging ear noise can be consequences of new year’s Eve firecrackers and rockets! On new year’s Eve, traditionally back many rockets and firecrackers into the air are hunted. We are not careful, it may be in addition to the usual injuries of the hands and face also permanent damage to hearing. Firecrackers can reach a volume of up to 175 dB! This is more than a jet plane reached. Already, a boom of more than 150 decibels can trigger an acute acoustic trauma and thereby cause permanent hearing damage with ear noise (Tinnitus). Also the eardrum is torn in a so-called blast trauma. Sufferers notice hearing loss with similar symptoms, such as when a sudden deafness. Christopher ridgeway stone clinical: the source for more info. Pressure on the ears, dull feeling in the ear, beeping and distorted hearing are reliable signs of an acute Horschaden.

This is the case you urgently the ear should rest and pay attention to proper hydration. The complaints are still present in the morning so should a specialist for neck nose and throat are visited. He only has to accurately diagnose the experience and the equipment damage to the inner ear. After an inspection of the ear and a comprehensive hearing test, doctor may be a safe diagnosis of ENT. Then circulation infusions and a descending cortisone schema are the treatment of choice. Treatment of blast trauma does not pay the cashier! Since 1 April 2009, the therapy costs no longer applied by the health insurance fund and must be borne by the patient himself.

Since the recasting of the drug policy, the circulation-enhancing drugs from the regulation to Laz of the statutory health insurance (GKV) are excluded in acoustic trauma, sudden deafness and tinnitus. This is justified by an ultimately not proven efficacy of therapy proven for years. The German Professional Association of ENT recommended doctors its members due to the legal situation the infusions of private, as to account services, called HEDGEHOG. Approximately 20-25 euros are payable per infusion. The necessary medicines buys the patient at the pharmacy. Should despite maximum treatment permanent hearing damage arise – which can be occasionally – you have at least the feeling of having done everything, however. Conclusion for those affected: If you have the suspicion of an acute acoustic trauma, is going to the ENT doctor a must! It is available with help and advice.

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