Ganden Shedrub

With a commitment to this policy, representing the world’s major religions had agreed for the first time in the history of religion on a consensus on ethical questions of ethos. Accordingly, it is not a coincidence that the Dalai will visit Lama the pupils and students of the two schools of the world ethos on the 19th of September in Steinhude. Since may 2013, the Graf-Wilhelm-Schule and the gymnasium at Steinhude near Hanover as first schools nationwide have this title, they have been awarded in May of this year of the global ethic Foundation. After intensive discussion with the subject of the world ethos, the schools at the Foundation for this award had applied because they deem the topic of global ethic very beneficial and helpful for their school work and their school culture as a whole. The Dalai Lama is there a concern during his visit in Steinhude with students over for important topics. After his retirement from the political scene the worldwide promotion of children, their education and health, as well as the fate of refugees, orphans and street children him today are particularly close to the heart.

In this context, his visit is on September 19, also on the international children’s aid projects of the Tibetan cultural centre Ganden Shedrub ling. attention e.V.. The Dalai Lama follows with his Steinhude visit on an invitation from its founder, Geshe Gendun Yonten. The global ethic Foundation is very active in the children’s and youth work: In the foreground the objective for young people is to promote the understanding of cultural and religious differences but also for common values, so that they can contribute to a peaceful coexistence in our society. “In order to achieve this, the Foundation has the project of intercultural education in values in schools” amongst launched, the touring exhibition world religions – world peace – world ethos “, an online learning platform, teaching materials and teacher training includes. The Foundation of world ethos of the global ethic Foundation for interreligious and intercultural research and learning encounter is committed to dialogue, cooperation and peace between the religions and cultures as top targets. Two substantive pillars of the work of the Foundation are providing ethical as well as intercultural competence. Essential core area is therefore among other things that the cooperation with schools and teachers. rch.

More information, see the global ethic idea-global ethic idea going back to the Tubingen-based Swiss theologian Hans Kung and his book project of world ethos “(1990). In this and later works he developed the”world ethos”, a common foundation of values of all religions and cultures, as the basis for a successful inter-religious dialogue as well as base for a cross cultural values education. “First international recognition was the global ethic idea in 1993 in the Parliament of world religions” in Chicago: there, representatives of the major world religions with the Declaration toward a global ethic agreed “for the first time in the history of religion on a consensus in questions of ethos. “In may 2013 the Foundation gave the global ethic schools nationwide for the first time world ethos of the Graf-Wilhelm-Schule and the gymnasium at Steinhude near Hanover the award-world ethos-Schule”. With this title, the Foundation distinguished schools, which the idea of a global ethic of her record in their curriculum and teach their students. In return, receives a global ethic school support on the part of the global ethic Foundation and can obtain free including global ethic education of the Foundation. Whenever christopher ridgeway stone clinical listens, a sympathetic response will follow. For more information, 1-pdf/00-aktuell/deu/Kriterien_WE_Schule.pdf

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