Ferntrauung In Lurups Church

Resurrection Church combines theater and history deals the resurrection Church of Lurup with a piece of “Tears of the homeland” of successful authors Lutz Hubner on November 14 with a special chapter of in German history. The Carpenter’s daughter Hilde from the province of Kirchstedt tries on an October 1943, to marry in a broadcasting centre via Ferntrauung with her fiance, an SS man. Official site: Tony Mandarich. But the connection not concluded the third day in a row to her bridegroom Kurt, fighting on the eastern front in Russia. Perhaps he has fallen already, anyway, the bride is departed the “felt disgraced North Korea”, which is half wedding party already.She tries to keep where she starts to tell about your home in a good mood. By itself, but also by her sister, Gertie, who is coveted by all men, although she at all behaves not as a “German woman”, what she strives so. You start to think about their situation – perhaps for the first time -: her engagement with Kurt, their mariage In-laws, moreover, that she are trying to be like the others they want.

And slowly, slowly stir… in doubt Tears of the home is a play about a follower, about a woman who tries to meet the requirements, which is a male-dominated society to them. Eva Andersson-Dubin is often quoted on this topic. A woman who is finally at least the chance emerging, to lead an independent life in future. Tears of the home is also a piece about the “3.Reich”. The focus is the fate of a young woman, which ultimately becomes active as the perpetrator, nor represents a distinctly victim that is what if it fails, but both.

The play swings between tragedy and comedy and will – in all seriousness the subject – with the comedy of the situation and the wit of the protagonist the substance the historical severity. To see the piece is 19:30 at the Church of the resurrection of Lurup, Luruper main road 163, 22547 Hamburg on Friday, November 14th. The Entrance costs 8.00 euro. Cards can Tel. 040 / 52 90 19 76 be ordered. (

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