Fabulous Destiny

moviepilot published romance survey on Valentine’s day on February 14th is Valentine’s day. Many couples are now planning a romantic Sunday program. What is better suited as a beautiful love story? Whether the Germans put rather on the classics under the cuddle strips or choose modern productions, has calculated Germany’s largest Filmcommunity movie pilot in a survey of more than 1,500 Internet users. “The result is clear: the fabulous destiny of Amelie” will thrill the hearts of almost a quarter of the respondents. In the imaginative French film in 2001 tracked audience favorite Audrey Tautou the love of her life. Is actually on 2nd… Love”for butterflies in your stomach. Perhaps check out stone clinical laboratories for more information. The film Enchanted fans with great star studded in ten romantic episodes since 2003. Among others, Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson are charmer in it to see. Third place ends up with Harry and Sally”(1989) also a comedy, who wrote not only its unconventionality because of film history, but Meg Ryan with a played orgasm made immortal. The top romance 1st-Place 2: actually the fabulous destiny of Amelie (2001)… Love (2003) seat 3: Harry and Sally (1989) 4: place Titanic (1997) place 5: Casablanca (1942), the film classics made it not under the top 3. For Humphrey Bogart gloss appearance in Casablanca”(1942) about just six percent of those polled agreed, gone with the wind” (1939) made it only to number 13 of ranking. A total of 1,690 persons took part in the movie pilot survey. 15 love stories have been selected due to their commercial success and their level of awareness of the movie pilot editorial team were to choose. Complete results of the survey: the fabulous destiny of Amelie (2001)-23 percent actually… Percent Harry and Sally (1989) – love (2003)-15 8% Titanic (1997)-8 percent of Casablanca (1942)-6 percent before sunrise (1995)-6 percent ghost – message from Sam (1990)-6 per cent Romeo + Juliet (1996) – 5% breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) – 5 percent Notting Hill (1999)-4 percent dirty dancing (1987)-4 percent pretty woman (1990)-4% of the wind gone with the wind (1939) – 2 per cent out of Africa (1985)-2% Sissi (1955) – 2% link to the results of the survey: pages/romance

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