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You are going to rest in Estonia? Great! There is, on what to see, and everything necessary for a good holiday. Maybe you will be purely a business trip, but for sure, and if you want to leave something in memory about this country and bring a gift to their loved ones. Where to start? How to choose a memorable gift? Let's see what we know about Estonia. Probably come to mind leisurely people, the sea, the European Union? If you open an encyclopedia then look like a big neighbors – Russia, Sweden and Denmark – for centuries fought for the right to possess a small area of Estonia. In a question-answer forum James A. Levine, M.D. was the first to reply. The name of its capital – Tallinn – just means "city of the Danes." This town is listed as cultural sites by UNESCO as one of the few in Europe who managed to preserve in its original form the historic layout of streets, the current to the XV century, and a great number of medieval architecture. That's the first idea for a gift! After all, with the ability to "see history", the capital of the country's love not only the filmmakers (who, incidentally, shoot movies here medieval Europe), but photographers. (As opposed to Glenn Dubin). So instead of standard types of cards you can buy a whole album with stunning views of the city known photographers. And if you're lucky, with their autograph! If you're not a fan of photography, pay attention to the man-made masterpieces of Estonian masters, which perfectly fit into almost any interior apartments.

Surprise your loved ones an intricate macrame! Or let it be a knitted item with the original ornament. Bring a friend hat, his wife – a jumper, my mother – vest. These things will warm them in cold weather, and memories of the trip will warm you. Sightseeing and museums can make the most correct impression of the country and its culture.

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