Do You Drink Tea? Drink Tea!

Germany and its tea culture under the microscope as the East Frisians have maybe still the largest per capita consumption in Germany, which is not surprising given a top-ten position in the international tea consumption. And to stop one of these positions is also terrific, the world production of tea in 2007 but more than approximately 3.7 million tonnes was. (Source: Wikipedia, direct link:…) The world’s largest tea producers are China, India, Kenya and Sri Lanka for decades. According to statistics, the tea production increased since 1978 by more than 100%. The probability that you so ever drink tea, is pretty big, because in addition to water, tea is the most commonly drunk food worldwide. But not only that! Tea has other properties that are perhaps not known to all. So tea is the best selling weightloss product by 2007, because different types of tea boost metabolism. Other health-promoting properties going to make the tea, as even Steffi Graf in a Know how to report advertising campaign of a tea producer.

Tea is absolutely in line with the trend, because he is regularly consumed in almost every household. It is important when tea drinking that you choose left teas as natural or nature. High-quality tea must be artificially flavored nor vitaminized, because he already receives its special flavor by the plant itself, which will be picked and processed to tea at the right time at the right place. The German company of Plantanas has made a name for these quality standards. The philosophy of Plantanas is to sell not only the customer, but to change their lives positively. With tea blends, which are a boon for body, mind and soul, and on the other with the possibility to be able to improve the financial situation of their own as an independent consultant from Plantanas in direct selling. The Plantanas company would like all friends of healthy enjoyment that tap into the fascinating world of tea and this traditional As a sign of modern lifestyles establish natural product.

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