Cosmetics slang from the early days of its appearance in the Russian market was impressed by both the consultants Argo, and to their customers. High quality, low price, reliability and safety of cosmetics – these are just Some characteristics of cosmetic lines Argo. There are several series of different manufacturers, all of this – Cosmetics argot: 1) Cosmetics Biol. Mask-regenerating and nourishing film series 'Compromise' is positive affects the function of the skin, rejuvenates, increases metabolism in the skin cells, improves skin elasticity and its firmness, smooths wrinkles, normalizes water balance of fat. In the mask consists of essential oils, sapropel, allantoin, D-panthenol and other film-mask for a quick restoration of skin series 'Compromise' contributes to the preservation of sensitive skin, moisturizes skin, promotes rapid regeneration of cells, growth of healthy skin cells. Mask cleanses and moisturizes the film series 'Compromise' normalizes the sebaceous glands, moisturizes and gives skin a smooth beautiful color, enhances the skin's resistance to adverse environmental factors. 2) Cosmetics Kiya.

High-efficiency masks and scrubs are manufactured by 'Virgin Soil'. Kia Body Scrub with chamomile extract massages, cleanses, exfoliates dead skin cells. Daisy in the scrub antiseptic, disinfectant property, soothes the skin, gives a feeling of freshness. Kia Body Scrub with Aloe highly effectively cleanses, renews and massages the skin. The composition of aloe heals and moisturizes, stimulates the epidermis. 3) Cosmetics Intelligence-K. Large assortment of masks, creams, foams for washing and for personal hygiene, facilities for shower and bath, etc. 4) Cosmetics Pentalis. Aromaplitki, pearl bath, essential oils. 5) as well as Ritsinioly different species, means for bath and shower and much more. You can buy cosmetics in the argot of the Argo as consultants in person and online stores, owned by the consultants argot.

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