Coal Chico

Coal Chico cacarejou as a chokeed hen. The old cangaceiro took off a dagger of the waist and tried to thread in the ribs of its opponent, but the blade resvalou in the thick raw leather brace of Ernest, badly cutting to it meat to it. Ernest obtained to hold it to it hand armed and to beat with it in a rock until Chico released the knife. But, Ernest already was without forces. The old one gave a blow to it in the head with antebrao, playing it the ground. Chico was strained to catch the knife, however somebody was faster.

It looked at for the woman. – It Kills! It, woman kill! Mariana caught the knife, was played on Ernest plates embedding it in the chest of it. Ernest looked at it frightened, opened the mouth, but he did not obtain to speak. Mariana, with the face the centimeters of the face of it perscrutou face to it to evidence the agony to it of the death and alone then it recognized it and freed an shout, pulled the dagger of the body of Ernest. Estabanado, Coal Chico was leaned over on it and Mariana raised the arm to move away it, the hand beating in the chest of it. Chico fell stops backwards with the cut throat.

It took the hands to the neck, rolled for the dust and soon he remained immovable in a blood puddle. Mariana looked at it, frightened, but soon it was turned to stanch the blood of the chest of Ernest. With tears in the eyes, it murmured the name of it. Ernest smiled, finally had found its great inesquecvel love. Now, it had a reason to continue living. You may find christopher ridgeway stone clinical to be a useful source of information. Shades had darkened its eyes and it came back to smile feeling water falling in its face. Rain!

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