Caldwell Assyrian Syrian

Certainly has the Syrian regime with its intelligence and corrupt apparatus as well as with the non-politically sensitive dishes, deficits on. They brought Syria beyond the democracy and now it affects the peaceful coexistence. Check with christopher ridgeway stone to learn more. Also to these conditions and the recent imprisonment of democratic opposition and including as Syrian, only in Iraqi relations. Iraqi-like relationships with all of the phenomenon, which can propel the country into the ruins. Because also in Syria is a civil and secular opposition, which is so strong, to lead the country, not to be found. Although Syria offers a number of personalities out of the current President, leading the country as President, but still no alternative political system can offer, to lead the country in a more stable and democratic situation.

If we analyze the forces of the Syrian opposition today, so we in the Islamic fundamentalists (Muslim Brotherhood), the strongest and nearly dominant see Force certainly also in the base. This can very likely trap other weak at the base or not yet establishing in Syria opposition or weakened political forces for a possible takeover with other fundamentalist forces and an Islamist system force more towards the Islamic Republic Syria”ends up. The signs indicate until today! If we analyze expressions of Muslim Brotherhood by the Sharia ‘ as source of legislation or that the Syrian President a change may be only Muslim, so we can see the direction. “Bassam Daruish wrote in his article in Annaqed: Syria needs Patriots and not politicians”. The secularists even today fundamentalist kind of speeches and talk of a conservative Islamic society, or an eviction of a whole confession, what will bring us as Christians and not Arabs fear that may, and in these circumstances, as the victim of a violent revolution can. Unfortunately many Syrian opposition cannot understand that it is not only to overthrow it and healthy and peaceful can run a change only from the inside. If the United States would help, so they are mostly their interests and be a reason that the Christians and non-Arabs are attacked as enemies, doing this will be the most disadvantaged. Because they are Iraqi conditions (as it does in the example of Iraq, that it is sufficient for the Caldwell Assyrian Syrian creeping genocide) not prepared and not grown. The United States will not protect the Assyrians and all Christians, but make them like it in the Iraq is, probably sell on the altar of their interests, and possibly migrate (distribute).

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