Body Builders

In glossy magazines you can read a lot about the training of professional bodybuilders, their diet and rest, but that's about what role in building huge muscles are steroids, which says little. The reason, of course, known – the use of steroids is prohibited. Many of the drugs can get only on the 'black' market, while others – with a prescription from a pharmacy. Will not you talk about how steroids act – the Internet is full of information on this question, except to say that the role of steroids huge. Without them, the man is practically impossible to gain so much muscle, how many current pros.

It's a pity only that it was bodybuilding is associated in humans with steroids, although in reality actually almost all athletes use pharmacology – runners, cyclists, gymnasts, boxers, etc. No one condemns the athlete, for the fact that he ran 100 meters in 10 seconds, but many are shouting 'foo-oo-oo, yeah he's all punctuated with steroids' when they see a bodybuilder. And in fact, both athletes are using anabolic steroids … What would somehow reveal 'secret curtain', offering you a translation of an interview with a young Western professional bodybuilder, who wished to remain anonymous. As far as I know, you now have a rest after a course of steroids? How long were you on the course? What dosage? Yes, now I rest from the chemistry. My last course ended 2 months ago. Every week, I did injections of Sustanon (500 mg) and received 30 mg Dianabol / training days.

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