Board Hospice

Thursday, 1.11.2012, 15 h: cornerstone of the Paul Gerhardt Diakonie Hospice on the grounds of the Martin-Luther Hospital (Berlin-Grunewald) is a place of comfort for terminally ill: the Paul Gerhardt Diakonie Hospice. On Thursday, 1.11.2012, the groundbreaking ceremony will take place at 3: 00. Mid-2013, the facility is scheduled to open. The Hospice is the Paul Gerhardt Diakonie allowing terminally ill people a dying in dignity. There will be a total of 14 rooms.

Each is equipped with bathroom and a small, private terrace, which will be accessible also with the patient’s bedside. Self-determination, close connection to nature, family orientation, spiritual as well as cultural offerings and grief counseling be especially considered in the subsequent operation of the Hospice. The Hospice will complement our supply structures and thus for terminally ill in the last phase of life offer a networked”, says Andreas Morsberger, commercial Board of the Paul Gerhardt Diakonie e.V., Berlin and Wittenberg. The investment is EUR 3.0 million. Additional support comes from the Paul Gerhardt Diakonie Forderverein e.V., engage members and donors. Already an outpatient hospice services has operations. This contributes further to the palliative medical development within the company: volunteer Hospice companion support dying and their family members in the home and in care institutions.

They work closely with ambulatory care services, palliative physicians and family doctors, hospitals and nursing facilities, social services and pastoral workers. After groundbreaking, the lecture series starts Hospice with the topic of self-determination and care from 16:30 till the end of life”in the large meeting room 1 (3rd floor new building) of the Martin-Luther Hospital (Caspar-Theyss-str. 33, 14193 Berlin). Diana Thomas press and public work of Paul Gerhardt Diakonie e.V., Berlin and Wittenberg Griesingerstrasse 8 13589 Berlin phone: 030 3702 2528 mobile: 0170 79 16 17 3 Facebook: PaulGerhardtDiakonie

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