Baltic Sea

The resort also offers a wide range of cultural activities. So, here for example regularly Polish film festivals take place. A visit to the Sol – and Spa Koobrzeg is also a thought. With an average 1800 hours of sunshine a year and extremely clean sea water, a stay here is very conducive the well-being. Koobrzeg discusses especially rheumatic diseases and problems of the support and movement apparatus. Also metabolic disorders such as thyroid problems, cardiovascular disease and stress and fatigue. Koobrzeg has also applications, which are based on mud baths as well as the usual applications, arising on the basis of the Baltic Sea, such as hydrotherapy and movement therapy.

In addition to the individual possibilities to recover about a stay here, Koobrzeg offers many possibilities for a pure holiday. In addition to many leisure activities such as dancing in nightclubs, enjoying various cultural events such as for example organ concerts,. Cinema and open-air theatre is a good base for excursions in the near or more distant surrounding the city. Excursions with ferries in the Danish neighbours. Or to Belgrade or in the nearby National Park on the island of Wolin are just some ways a day trip. The small municipality of Rewal is characterised by particularly fine sandy beach, which protect mostly by a cliff is. The extreme clean Baltic Sea water and iodine-containing air are especially for metabolic diseases, suitable for respiratory diseases, rheumatic diseases, as well as problems of movement and skeletal.

It discusses also psychosomatic illnesses and exhaustion. The extensive pine forests directly on the sea and on the edge of the nature reserve Liwia ua are particularly beautiful. There is also a visit of the reserve for aquatic birds worth. Other places of interest in the community, which consists of 7 towns, are the amphitheatre, built around 1860 lighthouse in Niechorze. In Niechorze is the Museum of fisheries. Another way the Ostseebad there East of Kolberg on the West Pomeranian Baltic coast provides a pleasant stay of the Baltic Sea. The municipality is composed of 6 villages. The 10 km long beautiful sandy beach may apply a special attraction probably is protected by breakwaters. Also worth a visit to the beach promenade and the interesting village with many restaurants and small shops. Excursions into the nearby Koobrzeg forest represent a unique natural experience. The Spa stay especially with metabolic disorders, respiratory diseases, rheumatic diseases, as well as problems of the motion and supporting apparatus is suitable. The beautiful landscape and the clear sea also has a very positive affect on stress symptoms. For which the Polish Eastern seaside resorts of the relaxation also decides. He will be thrilled by the beautiful scenery, beautiful nature, and the high recreational value. Discover Poland, discover the Polish Baltic Sea coast, also you will enjoy. Continue to learn more with: christopher ridgeway stone clinical.

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