Aromatherapy And Cardiovascular Diseases

The use of essential oils in cardiovascular disease Atherosclerosis – terrible disease because it leads to a heart disorder, abnormal blood pressure (hypertension) and is a harbinger such serious ailments as heart attack, stroke, endarteritis, amazing legs, and so on. There are several theories occurrence of atherosclerosis. The most convincing, though, and have the examples of exceptions to the rule, and therefore not final, is of cholesterol theory and antioxidant theory. According to the theory of cholesterol, atherosclerosis is associated with excessive consumption of fatty foods rich in cholesterol. Settles on the walls of blood vessels cholesterol, which almost becomes insoluble. It is attached to a soft inner surface of blood vessels and penetrate partially into the wall. At the ingress of foreign matter of the vessel wall occurs response: growing connective tissue, atherosclerotic plaque is formed. It captures the formation of blood calcium, making it insoluble, becomes dense and spreading.

Thus, the clearance artery narrows, the lesser amount of blood can pass through them, through contaminated walls are not of good nutrition: less oxygen and nutrients supplied, waste matter does not removed in a timely manner. There is atherosclerosis. One of the latest theories of atherosclerosis – a violation of antioxidant defenses. Its validity is confirmed by many observations. So, most heart disease – a direct result of atherosclerosis – you have statistics on the spring months when food is not enough natural antioxidant vitamins. A frequent cause of heart disease is stress. From the perspective of the antioxidant theory, it is understandable.

When stress is released into the blood of substances that carry energy reserves. This is a biological instinctive defense, which operates in body: it is necessary to have the strength to run away from danger. However, in our time, the dangers do not have to run, and all this excess stock is neutralized by antioxidants. The organism feels the lack of them. If antioxidants do not enough, increasing the number of free radicals. They are very aggressive and cause cell changes that lead to atherosclerosis. Essential oils, due to their high penetrating power have the ability to improve nutrition tissue and increase energy metabolism in tissues. The cardiovascular system responds positively to the impact of essential oils. They can be used beneficially influence the course of coronary heart disease, disorders heart rate, as some components of essential oils and their compositions are able to expand the coronary vessels, improving the supply of the heart muscle of oxygen and glucose to reduce the need for nerve cells in oxygen hypoxic conditions. With its antiarrhythmic activity, essential oils, improve the processes of conduction, relieve arrhythmias. Hypertension may normalize blood pressure. Inhalation of aromatic plant substances, especially of essential oils on the human body has significant physiological effects. It can alter muscle strength, respiratory rate and pulse, blood and intracranial pressure, affect your vision, psycho-emotional state of man. So you can keep under-the cardiovascular system. Angina, coronary heart disease, arrhythmias, use the following essential oils: lavender, rosemary, rose, mint, lemon balm, hyssop, geranium, ylang-ylang, frankincense, neroli. Hypertension: ylang-ylang, hyssop, lemon, lavender, juniper, cypress, geranium, neroli, Thuja. In diseases of the veins and arteries: lemon, kayaput, hyssop, cypress, marjoram, oregano. Hypotension: clove, sage, thyme, Leuzea, verbena, rosemary, ginger, pine. Methods of use: oil burner, massage, baths, compresses, as directed by the specialist say ingestion.

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