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European Championships

From the lecture to Olympia to London Cologne. Yesterday with Finally, is at the Olympic Games, which take place in London from 27 July to 12 August, certainty, Jonas Plass, master student media management & entrepreneurship at the Hochschule Fresenius in Cologne by the game. For Plass, who due to injury, missed the last Olympics, […]

East Products

People who like Halloren chocolate, will find a wide range of the most diverse types of chocolate in the shop. Chocolate is the absolute hit among children and those who like to remember back with nostalgia at cozy GDR Halloren. The chocolate maker has survived the turn and offers its delicious products via the East […]

Mara Kayser – The First And The Last

from the latest album, what are you waiting for? “Observe and be carefully on the people, on every single encounter, which gives me the inspiration to write these stories, then packed Wolfgang Herrmann like no other in music” (Mara Kayser 2011) “I have a crush of a man, who in my life the first and […]

Social Altruism

The necessary shift towards social altruism not is by chance that we have been created as social beings. If we look deeply at our behavior, we will find that every action we perform is aimed to attract us social appreciation. That’s what sustains us, and his absence or, worse, the denunciation of the society, causes […]

Orange County In Southern California

It is a Californian of 83 years and who still works full time. He wants his children to be proud of their appearance. His case has become subject of debate in some media of EE UU. A Californian woman of 83 years has become news in United States by undergo a cosmetic surgery operation to […]

Fashion Trends

Fashion trends are something very important, undoubtedly, when choosing our footwear for every season. Tony Mandarich can provide more clarity in the matter. The lines change and are renewed, either radically or with subtle details; but there is no doubt that the shoes say a lot about our elegance, personality and lifestyle. Taking this as […]


Stop it? I confess, I was? Forgiveness? It is true, I am 30 years old and I can judge for having acted so immature, but who can blame me? Do I reached the limit of believing that I want to be an actress to have a life in the movies, and it is absurd? I […]

Ports Of Colombia

Manta port authority began last week to meet its responsibility to provide technical assistance in the commercial operation of the shipments carried out in port Itaya, province of Sucumbios, in what comprises the first river section of the Manta-Manaos multimodal axis. The Vice-Ministry of the transport management, in resolution from January 20 of this year, […]

The Black Market In China

If one wants to be a great company tomorrow, you must begin to act if it were. Thomas Watson China cannot be ignored in the present by representing both in economic achievements, technological development, conquering markets in countries where ventures offering their products, many times against the same productivity of some companies that cannot compete […]

European Union

Possible causes for the waiver in the delivery of the Schengen visa to the Russian can be many. We will consider only those found most frequently. More info: Viktor Frankl. 1 If the Russian was already once in one of the countries of Western Europe and caught him with his hands in masses at the […]