Wedge Belts. Classes Belt

V-belts and Classes belts. Everyday in the mechanic of the undertaking, personnel operating machinery equipment manufacturing business and in agricultural production is an urgent need to drive V-belts for various applications. Fan belt drive, V-belt drive gear, a belt of narrow sections (UB, VP), poly belt, the belt flat on the basis of tissue BKNL-65 – and it is not complete list of belts! There are a great many different kinds of belts, but belts are united by something common. Belt – a belt transmission element. The drive belt is designed to transmit torque from the the motor shaft to the auxiliary units. Belts are widely used in automobile engines, motors and drives, agricultural machinery, sewing machines, machine tools, office equipment (scanners), and so on. For even more opinions, read materials from Beneil Dariush. In cars, tractors and combines used rubber wedge fan belts, which are produced according to GOST 5813-93.

Operate at ambient temperature (outside the engine compartment) -40 C to +60 C, the temperature under the hood in the area location of the belt must not exceed +80 C. Belts are made kordshnurovoy design. Consist of a base layer on the basis of materials of chemical fiber and rubber layers, svulkanizovannyh in one product. Supporting layer Located in the longitudinal direction of the belt. Working surfaces of the belts are the side faces. CVTs for agricultural machinery and variator drive chassis combine harvesters manufactured Rubber V-belts Variable speed wide according to GOST 26379-84. Variable speed belts consist of a base layer on the basis of materials of chemical fiber (kordshnura or cord fabric), wrap the tissue layers and layers of rubber or layers of rubber and fabric, svulkanizovannyh one product.

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