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There are basic tools of Internet marketing, which rely on the basic concepts of the theory of traditional marketing – and needs to sprose. promotion of a web-site to search engines Once you create a search engine, which considers the links as recommendations, people will try to work on links. As soon as they act on them, links no longer be recommended. (Chris Ridings). And so it happened.

Search engines are taken into account, links and the Internet there has been great demand for them. But unlike the above-mentioned types of links the vast majority of links established with the purpose of promoting a web-site in the search engines are not recommendations go to the referring page. Neither the webmaster, link, or the owner of the site where the link leads, do not expect seriously, that it will move people to the site. The sole purpose of making such reference is to improve the position of the site at which the link in the search results. Methods of obtaining natural links for the promotion of web-saytTraditsionno webmasters who want to get links to your site are advised to: create compelling content, organize affiliate programs, to provide, information occasions; create your own community (and participate in existing communities).

Site content rich keywords Any marketer Web sites is aware of the importance of keywords. One of the best ways to drive traffic to your site using Keyword is the site content rich websites in the form of articles and media reviews. These actions are good because they can improve the credibility and trust with your visitors and customers, and these two factors have crucial in any business. Choosing the right keywords is one of the criteria for successful internet marketing. The key fact is that words generate traffic to your website. That's why it's important to choose keywords for your site. When you choose keywords that are not simply picking them randomly, you should choose the words that best describe your content and is 100% relevant. Sometimes watching the issuance of a search engine on the Internet may not have any sites that have some relation to the request. This will help avoid strong marketing site, so you need to pick up relevant content of the site. There are several marketing strategies for websites, product specifications and services, reviews of products, it helps all visitors to choose and buy. Another way to help – this is Use keywords in the content of the site. Correctly podobranye words to help you find the site content quickly in search engines, particularly if you upgrade the information frequently. In conclusion, I want to add that the correct website content and keywords to help you advance in the search engines and bring targeted visitors, respectively.

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