Vibrating Platform Training

Training for acceleration of vibrating platform represents a one-time change to the strength training because it allows the body to produce force with much more ease than traditional methods. Giving us extra time to devote to what more we like. Acceleration training provides the following advantages: * shortest training time to achieve the same results. * Increase the tone and muscle strength. * Improve flexibility. Grand stimulation of the nervous system. * Increased blood circulation. * Help in relieving the pain.

* Increase in Bone Mineral density. s. * Increases the levels of important hormones testosterone, growth hormone, serotonin. * Massage applications. * It reduces levels of cortisol (the stress hormone). * Improve balance and coordination. Acceleration training was initially used and researched by the Soviet Union in the 1960s to help combat the negative effects of gravity to the Russian cosmonauts in the space.Years later, the science of vibration was studied and research shows benefits in muscular strength, flexibility, power, bone mineral density, circulation, recovery, etc.

On Earth the man exposed to an acceleration of gravity equal to 9.8 m/s2.This acceleration, we perceive in the form of weight or gravity, is the cause of all the vital adaptations of our organism. The Earth’s gravity determines the functions and shape of all living beings on the planet.Many human activities, such as sports disciplines, amplified the effects of the gravity causing effects and morphological adaptations to body shape in which the body reacts to the training by acceleration is based on the same principles as traditional training. Our body simply responds to certain stimuli. By placing the body on the platform (standing, kneeling, sitting, etc.) occur a series of reactions to different levels, physical and biological. Different parts of the body involved in these responses are the connective tissue and neuromuscular, vascular, and hormonal systems. These systems interact to provide the necessary reactions to the adaptation of our body to the training stimulus. These are some of the basics by which it is now scientifically proven that vibration platforms training is more effective than aerobic activity to help you lose weight, according to the type of vibration that offer may provide very noticeable benefits in drainage, or improve areas more predisposed to cellulite for the case of platforms with vibration tilt. As at the same time with vertical vibration platforms are ideal when the objective is to model the figure, or tone up the muscles or if they are used in lower intensity programmes to reactivate blood circulation, or to offer a relaxing massage. Full note: training-by-aceleracion.

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