Vegetarians who they are, what they eat, whether they can have chocolate? I’ll tell you one thing vegetariatsy are different, ie who consume dairy foods and those who give their preference for vegetables, fruits, grains and grasses. There is lacto-ovo-vegetarians who eat dairy products, but do not eat fish and myasya, and still have their nazyvat vegetariatsy Fruit of the word fetus, those who eat some vegetables, fruits and cereals, and refuse to have dairy produktov.Chto vibiraet each for himself, I will say one thing and they both are right and yavlyatsya already vegetariantsami.No indulge in the sweet impossible, as the sugar, honey and other sweets give fullness and body udovletvorenie.Poskolku I have many years a vegetarian, I think that milk, cheese, butter everything that gives us a cow or a goat is quite possible and this is inviolable laws of vegetarianism, ie, those products and fruits from the trees and plant foods, and milk it all to us gives itself priroda.Nelzya reject the gifts of nature because the milk and all that gives us a cow and domestic animals is also a fruit that we are in the food for the saturation of the organism. But for true vegetarians have created this vegensky chocolate without milk or sugar. At the festival, Raw Spirit Festival 2008, held September 12-14 Arizona, presented new products for those who consider themselves real vegetariatsem.Teper in American health food stores can be buy 3 types of chocolate with caramel vegenskogo – Righteously Raw Caramel Bar.Shokolad contains no sugar, dairy products and anything chocolate .

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