Heat surface Stovy pads Decontracting East type of thermotherapy constitutes, for its ease of application, one of the resources that the patient can use easily in their own home, but you must faithfully follow the instructions of your physical therapist to avoid accidental burns. Also good (decreased sensation or skin lesions) skin condition should be taken into account the effects of heat on the tissues depend on the level of increase in temperature (between 40 and 50 C) the speed of implementation of the caloric energy, as well as the amount of tissue exposed. This temperature rise increases blood flow, increasing metabolic activity favoring the process of skeletal muscle relaxation. Also in shape reflects, to penetrate slowly has a sedative action on nerve tissue, thus reducing muscle spasm and pain decrease. Pillows Stovy of practice and quick preparation, can be adapted for your size thickness and different sizes and models to all areas where surface heat is required. The patient can be positioned above, relaxed, without risk of contacts with metallic elements or sources of electrical power, can set the temperature with the imposition of towels.

Also through its simple adjustments in any position (even sitting or walking, when there is no time to relax). Indications: arthrosis, arthritis, muscle spasms, contractures, pathologies of the spine (cervicalgia, cervicobraquialgias, back pain, lumbago, lumbocitalgias, lumbocruralgias). Rheumatic and painful processes of all joints of upper and lower limbs. It can be applied in patients with metallic prosthesis, or pacemaker, where this contraindicated agents deep thermotherapy. It can also be applied in children and adolescents (where deep agents on the growth cartilage are also contraindicated) its general sedative effect is very important and should not be forgotten in the action on the psyche of the patient when a psychosomatic relief is necessary. Conclusion: The heat increases the extensibility of collagen tissue The heat decreases the stiffness of joints The heat produces relief of pain Heat relieves muscle spasm Heat increases blood flow contraindications: sensitivity lesions or areas of anesthesia, injury of skin, infections, fever, severe circulatory alterations.

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