Tours in Japan

Pay attention to the island of Okinawa prefecture, if you wanted to plunge into the exotic island of Japan in the world. This prefecture is based on the archipelago of Islands, which includes about 120 islands, including which there are uninhabited, a total area of approximately 2,256 square kilometers. The island of Okinawa, the largest in size with a population of 1300 people is the central island of the archipelago. Rumor has it that among the islands there are places where buried great treasures. And those rumors have reason – the fact that the uninhabited islands that are in proximity to major sea trade routes, often a haven pirates, and, respectively, and places to hide looted treasures.

However, the real treasures are the favorable climate, rich in wildlife water corals and rare black pearls. By the way, black pearls are extracted only here is a rare and most expensive among all the varieties of pearls in the world. Islands in the archipelago can not boast of minerals, there is no oil, no precious metals. Maybe it's for the better, since thanks to this island remain untouched, and can please the tourist pristine beauty of green hills and blue, clean sea. The traditional occupation of the islanders before the Second World War has been fishing and agriculture economy. Most of the population engaged in growing and processing sugar cane. But the war forever changed the lifestyle of the islanders.

Once fertile and green fields were trenched military equipment. After end of the war, the islands fell under the influence of the Americans and local land were confiscated from the farmers for the construction of U.S. bases. Agriculture was destroyed at its root, and all that remained was to make the indigenous population, it and adapt to new life. As a result, basic income became the base of Americans around them grew rapidly entire neighborhoods with coffee shops, bars, cabarets and other venues. This allowed the Okinawans to survive in the post-war years, but no it does not help raise his head island economy, which already was in a deep pit. In 1972, Okinawa again came under the jurisdiction of Japan, and the island was flooded appropriations. Base for the economy Islands was chosen tourism, due to the fact that to develop the industrial base would be extremely difficult and not profitable, because of the expensive electricity, freshwater shortages, transport problems and subtropical climates. A tourism as time came to Okinawa. Less than two decades on the islands have appeared world-class hotel, and various entertainment centers, chain restaurants, clubs, shops, health centers, water sports centers, aquariums and much more. Tourists here also expect colorful carnivals that are not calm down all year round. Immerse yourself in the exotic islands, you should only select tours to Japan in the travel agency. They can help you apply for a visa to Japan other documents, including insurance Rossity Travel Company in St. Petersburg can arrange for you promotional tour in Japan. This is a familiarization tour for travel agents who want to get acquainted with the infrastructure of Japan, to make familiarization trips for major attractions. Holidays in Japan – is an unforgettable experience for life! Enjoy your stay!

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