The Subtilities

Although these phenomena to be simple and easily you explained, Freud could with them demonstrate what, after all, it was the established basic thesis in the Interpretation of the Dreams; the existence in two distinct ways of psychic functioning, for it described as the processes primary and secondary. Ademais, another belief basic of Freud it found convincing support in the examination of the acts defective? its belief in the universal application of the determinismo to the psychic events. It is in this truth that it insists on the last chapter of the book: theoretically, it would be possible to discover determinative the psychic ones of each one of the lesser details of the psychic processes. the fact of this objective to perhaps seem more easy to reach in the case of the acts defective has been another reason so that they exerted on Freud a special attraction. In fact, it became to accurately mention to this point in its brief article ' ' The Subtilities of an Act Falho' ' (1935b), one of its last writings. (FREUD, 1969, p.10). Different of other psicopatolgicas boardings, the Psicopatologia Psicanaltica has in its logic of functioning the study of the unconscious one as basic principle of its theoretical boarding. From the intent listening of the patients the Psicopatologia Psicanaltica aims at to penetrate in the involved specific psychic mechanism in the ecloso of the neuroses, psychoses and perversions. Thus allowing a clinical boarding for the word, as it wrote Pear tree (2007, p.45), ' ' to reinstall the suffering and the passions in the symbolic and properly affective scopes of the existence humana.' ' Exactly that the psychoanalyst does not have medical formation, still thus, it is important to know the symptoms, its effect in the organism, and its descriptions, so that, if necessary a posterior guiding to other professionals of form health, thus working to multidiscipline when it will be the case.

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