The Quality

Further, indicates that marketing in times of crisis, should reinforce the goal of obtaining and retain competitive advantages through the creation of added value. This should operate a massive transfer of customers, who – suspended – companies that provide low level of added value. Others this saying that those companies that do not know or do not want to raise considerably the advantages that offer customers, will face with a situation extremely complicated reasons strictly internal. But even when a company can increase the quality of the product and the quality of care, and to gradually reduce prices through the Elimination of the costs of the no-calidad, you can continue in the eyes of customers less value than the competition. All marketing plan must be based on a precise diagnosis of the market, and this need is made more evident when a crisis is persistent.

After that reconsideration of Fund, comes a new segmentation study and from there the design of marketing strategy. Estr@tegia Magazine, asks what changes in critical situations like the present? Most often, that modifies the relative weight of variables: the long-term, such as positioning or branding, remain subject to actions of immediate results, such as prices, promotions and sales efforts. Another detail to consider is indicated, is strange that seems, that many times the crisis not affects both the power of consumption of people, but their tendency to spending, so you have to bear in mind that, although consumption lower in times of crisis, this necessarily means that the availability of money has dropped in the same proportion; It may happen that consumers have enough money but not dare to spend it by the fear and uncertainty that bear the signs of crisis in the market. It is time to attack this market with a good campaign that have good arguments to regain the confidence of consumers and that play in favour of lifting low sales promotion or advertising.

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