The Objective

This substance also known as light astral. It is a mixing agent, a natural agent and the holy ghost, corporal and spiritual, a plsticouniversal mediator, a common stowage of the vibrations of the movement and the images daforma, a fluid and a force that if can call imagination danatureza. Aluz astral magnetizes, heats, attracts, repels, vivifies, destroys, coagula, separates, breaks, congregates all the things under the impulse of the powerful wills. It is the alive soul of the land, material and fatal soul. This light that it surrounds and penetratodos the bodies can annul the gravity and produce revolving phenomena or of levitation. Unfastening astral is the objective of the first series of exercises.

The suafuno is the unfastening of the astral. In the reality they are commands mentais' ' cutucadas in mente' ' so that it if of account of what you want. Of this form elavai to start to work in this direction because in the deep one a questomental is everything. It is our mind that makes everything to happen. Our mind knows as to leave emastral, the mind of each one of us knows as to leave in astral. Therefore this inerente to the human being. It is not newness for, nor new thing.

What it lacks essa cutucada in it so that this capacity is awaken. The most important E, the method that each mind uses, nor always is equal one of the other. Therefore sepode not to standardize symptoms. Many times what a person feels not sernecessariamente what to another one goes to feel. Each one is each one and with a different estruturaespiritual. However, most of the time some symptoms serepetem constantly to the point to be standardized. But not to have or sentirisso or that does not want to say that this not having an evolution. With passing dotempo each one starts to perceive its individual and caractersticosprprios symptoms.

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