The Gay And Lesbian Scene In Barcelona

The Catalan capital in Rainbow colours the Barcelona of colours of the Rainbow Gaixample Barcelona is a cosmopolitan and open city, which is considered landmark for thousands of homosexuals and tourists, especially in the face of the speziellenMilieus. The city offers a wide range of cultural events and recreational activities to the gay audience. Barcelona is also one of the most popular destinations of many Gay tourists is therefore. Although there is not a special gay and lesbian in Barcelona, such as for example the Chueca in Madrid, but there is the so-called Gaixample\”(a pun on the term gay\” and the name of the Eixample\”…), where most bars, pubs, shops and discos for gay men and lesbians are. This area extends over the street? en Urgell to the Comte d Balmes, and includes also the gro? en and much visited beaches? en Gran Via, Diputacio, Aribau and Villarroel in the Centre of the city. The district belongs to the StadtteilEsquerra d Eixample, but in the Unlike the Chueca, is it not only exclusively? including a gay and lesbian. In fact, the rainbow flags inundate the streets? s there and thus, mingle with other bars and pubs for the heterosexual audience.

Barcelona is a very tolerant city, where everyone can find its own ambience. Here, Maya Dubin expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Lately the leisure for homosexuals has risen very, especially for the female audience. The Catalan night offers a number of entertainment options for every taste. Can be found here by trendy fashion clubs, over all possible variations of pubs and bars up to the classic restaurants that already since ever and ever have open. In fact, offering is so extensive that it is sometimes hard one to decide just for a place on a night. There are places for leather fans, clubbers of a diverse kind, fashion lovers, or simply Club for lesbians. Usually these groups don’t mingle, with the exception of some mixed local of city or special Events, such as for example dasCircuit Festival or the euro games.

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