The Body

Therefore, the person uses to their old eating habits with the sum of the heavy emotional burden of failure. Generally, this emotional state, invited to eat much more than what you ate before you start the diet. Another important highlight, factor is that with extreme ban on certain foods, it loses in addition to fat, muscle mass. In this case the body reacts then developing a considerable increase of body fat. Dr. Neal Barnard may help you with your research. Consequences this rebound effect or effect Yo-Yo, leads to weight gain, depression, and do not allow a balanced diet, seriously affecting the health, nor contributes to create good habits, but that causes physical and emotional disorders (satisfaction and disappointment), since people relapse and return to try it despite its grim aftermath, entering a vicious cycle, obtaining a result opposite to the expected, since in some cases a weight gain that can lead to obesity so fearsome is obtained. The health deteriorates because the body suffers a series of alterations and response body stores more than overweight, losing the ability to lose body fat, resulting in increasingly difficult, in addition to lower levels of good cholesterol, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Weight loss involves a modification of habits is important to focus on eating habits, so after obtaining a satisfactory result with a diet to lose weight, it is no good that we throw overboard what has been achieved and fall into abuses and poor choice of foods we eat. The basis of a healthy diet and not to fall into the rebound effect or effect Yo-Yo, is the balance, since learning to choose foods, combine them, take advantage of the nature, that offers a range of possibilities with plants burning fats and of course positive a mental and emotional attitude to allow us to make an appropriate choice when you need to lose weight healthily..

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