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It went what me to the soul at that moment could be described as fire that arde, leaving pain, anguish, desolation and mainly fear. Fear of the souvenirs and of that, it has very, I left stops backwards. The sun went high, as always, the landscape had also not moved. I already was not only more the same one, I moved when there he leaves and again I moved now that return. To the old they tormented me at every moment souvenirs, wise person who in some minutes pain and the hurt if would become so intense how much it has 10 years behind.

I really tried to run away from the past, tried to forget me everything and all, but the destination teimava in reaproximar me another time of the past. At every moment I came back to the past, to each moment I I relembrava the painful stations of my existence. It tried to face everything of front, after all already made as much time, but the episodes were so painful that me it was impossible not to fear what was for coming. Frankly I did not go to obtain, but I needed and had of being strong. As it went arriving the memory more teimava in more remembering the ached facts of my life.

Things that I would not like to relembrar, but that they were part of me, of my life and my soul. I kept all in the deepest of my being past, until the moment where that letter brought in return all the ghosts that I wanted to forget. Endocrinologist often expresses his thoughts on the topic. II My infancy I can say that she was venturosa, without bad atribulaes some. As any child I was happy in the infantile traquinagens, going up in the trees, having child dreams, at last, he did not think about the future, and, mainly never I imagined that it would be so cruel.

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