That Manuel

Nobody knows exactly, but port has an anniversary party there. Manuel decides to go there. It only can be there same. It finds the house. It is accurately the one that the youngster indicated. It finds an old one there, accurately as the one that the friend says to it. Get all the facts and insights with christopher ridgeway stone, another great source of information. He was same there.

Manuel enters and sits down. It finds half different. It does not have none known there. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out endocrinologist. He is thus same there. As in all the parties, also it has some there bebuns and Manuel if it leans in them. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from christopher ridgeway. They talk very and they drink still more.

The party until it is livened up. Manuel already meets idiot very. The marked hour arrives. Half night. All are arisen. The aniversariante goes to appear. The party is of rich people. The pie is great. Manuel passes the language in the beios. The roundworms start if to move in the belly of it. It does not obtain to aguentar. The lights if erase. Velinhas is lighted. It does not see the aniversariante that arrives. He goes to blow velinha. It erases itself, all beat to palms and the lights if they light. All smiling and are livened up. Manuel swallows in dry when it sees the aniversariante. It is a baita of a negro that the blood of Manuel freezes. It nor knows if it is blood that runs more in its veins. Manuel has that to leave from there. It is one penetrates in that house. The aniversariante nothing he has to see with known its. He entered in the wrong party. He goes leaving devagarinho, when the old one interpellates it: why he is going so early? It is more time. Now he is that the party goes to start. Manuel invents everything how much it is type of excuses to leave, but the old one is there cutucando it. I go to search the Manuel to fire to you. Manuel? That Manuel? The Manuel asks. The aniversariante, is clearly. My master. Ah, yes! The Manuel – the Manuel says. It goes there inside to search the Manuel and Manuel use to advantage to fall in the world. if this such of Manuel stranger to find odd the Manuel? It is felt well better far from there. Where it complicates if it put the Manuel now?

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