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Treatment Of Depression

Home Depression interested in the topic of mental health, I pushed the overheard dialogue between the two schoolgirls in years 7-8. It was a Friday, I picked up her granddaughter from school and heard the following: talking to two friends – "You go to a birthday today? – No, responds the other, I was depressed. […]

Dream Of Weight Loss

Needless to say that many people, especially women, are dreaming look like a girl with a glossy magazine? Excellent slender body, perfect figure – this dream many women. To learn how to lose weight says a lot books, as well as many sites there is a theme that is, of course, attracts visitors. A lot […]

Russian Rocks

In a recent paper, Mossman et al. (2003) present mass spectra of carbonaceous substances using laser desorption ionization (LDI) and high-resolution electron-impact mass spectrometry. The authors confirm the presence of fullerenes in the Onaping Formation, Black Tuff from Sudbury, Ontario, but do not find fullerenes in carbon-rich shungite rocks from the Lake Onega region of […]

Litovitov Body

We no longer know how to lead a dangerous element to health, but the thing is in its numbers, the lack of too dangerous. Or other item – Zinc. Him and his number of independent normal immune system function, growth and child development, insulin synthesis, etc. If zinc overdose, his excessive concentration 30 times (!!!) […]

Remedy Women’s Illness

A woman is most sensitive to stress, social and domestic turmoil, pollution, poor food and water. These factors can lead to reduced immunity, hormonal balance and, consequently, cause this or that disease. One of the most common diseases that arise on this background, a disease of the breast – breast. Equally important is heredity, but […]