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At the time of menopause, women should stay below 10,000 eggs. Minor percentage of this amount is lost during normal ovulation (the monthly cycle). Most of the eggs are killed in the process of atresia. The most common symptoms of menopause tides: tides – the most famous and common symptom of menopause. According to some […]

Capsules Liang Yan

But if you just want to be healthy (oh) and beautiful (oh), stand on the circle of "U-Sin", a program of year-round preventive medication. What does it highlight? Any recovery program should start with cleansing: Tea Tiens, Dual cellulose, and then at 7-14 day connect other products. Spring – time activity in the liver and […]

Urinary Tract Infections

Wild medicinal flora is rich in medicinal plants, has a diuretic effect and salureticheskoe, which can be useful aids for edema of various origin (For heart, kidney, liver, and certain metabolic diseases). Medicinal plant Lespedeza capitata, alcoholate and the lyophilisate is (rich in flavonoids) called lespenefril used as an effective means for nephritis with azotemia. […]

Pain Relief

When pain occurs, it is not easy to establish the true reason, but you can sorentirovatsya some signs. For example, if a person feels the pain at the moment when he gets up and goes, and the pain is 'divergent' in terms of for a while – this is almost certainly low back pain. Also, […]

Exercise and Nutrition

All of them increase rajas. Increasing tamas food does not contain the prana, or vital energy. To include meat, fish, eggs, stale food and dishes, as well as dishes with the addition of chemicals. Although some of They provide our body with some nutrients, they have a harmful effect on the brain. Ayurveda looks like […]

Menopause In Men

Physiological menopause due to hormonal changes in the age and general exchange, but primarily a function of age fading of the gonads. At the age of 50 to 60 years and occurs with less obvious symptoms, than women. The mechanism of aging is not strictly specific, so the symptoms of menopause – the threshold of […]

Aromatherapy And Cardiovascular Diseases

The use of essential oils in cardiovascular disease Atherosclerosis – terrible disease because it leads to a heart disorder, abnormal blood pressure (hypertension) and is a harbinger such serious ailments as heart attack, stroke, endarteritis, amazing legs, and so on. There are several theories occurrence of atherosclerosis. The most convincing, though, and have the examples […]