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Don Quixote

Only the two diseases are selected in order to keep the overview. Confidently, it could include also dementia and other neurological diseases. We leave it at the two Common diseases of cardio-vascular and cancer. Each can complement a disease that ever there was no earlier years ago so in bulk for themselves like E.g. the […]

Ganden Shedrub

With a commitment to this policy, representing the world’s major religions had agreed for the first time in the history of religion on a consensus on ethical questions of ethos. Accordingly, it is not a coincidence that the Dalai will visit Lama the pupils and students of the two schools of the world ethos on […]

Caldwell Assyrian Syrian

Certainly has the Syrian regime with its intelligence and corrupt apparatus as well as with the non-politically sensitive dishes, deficits on. They brought Syria beyond the democracy and now it affects the peaceful coexistence. Check with christopher ridgeway stone to learn more. Also to these conditions and the recent imprisonment of democratic opposition and including […]

The Rooms

Is there a balcony? What is the Outlook? Are personal belongings (furniture, pictures, carpets, etc.) allowed? Are pets allowed? What safety standard has the rooms (smoke detectors, Bell, door spy, security locks)? There is cable TV, Internet, emergency switches in the room? Is the Privatphare maintained by the employees? Care should offer a nursing concept […]

Plan Of Union For The Regularisation Of Undeclared Work In Care

Appropriate models are on the market already existent “many people know to help otherwise in their emergency and dealing with health care workers from Eastern Europe, often illegally and without having to pay social security contributions. Here we must pave back the way the legality”, health policy spokesman of the CDU/CSU – Bundestag Jens Spahn […]