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He may have a different power. While working on the human body is able to heat it, tone, increase metabolism, improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins. They treat the inflammation resolves scars heal wounds. Finally, they treat cellulite. Ultrasound has nothing to do with damaging (ionizing) radiation. As used in the treatment options completely harmless, devoid […]

Skin Care

Ultraviolet radiation promotes the development of Type A free oxygen radicals that activate the peroxide Lipid and even lead to breaks in DNA chains. And just as free radicals destroy collagen fibers and cell membranes. Ultraviolet radiation can produce a type B free forms oxygen and without intermediaries destroy DNA. The role of hyaluronic acid […]

Botox Rejuvenation

Contour or mesotherapy, face lift, or circular sewing "golden thread" – each client Beauty Institute selects the most appropriate methods of rejuvenation to him, after conducting special studies and association consulting your doctor. Rating, which was presented by independent experts rejuvenation market segment, is impressive. One effective way of rejuvenating a circular face lift, which […]