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On Sunday, February 14, 2010 Don

On Sunday the 14th of February this year Valentine’s day will take place as usual. Valentine’s day is approaching the celebration of love this year, only a few days and then it’s also already again, you must show his or his heart most beloved, how much one is this to the heart. The best form […]

Government District

At pointoo.de, anyone can find out where in Germany the hot bar reduces the own wanderlust. Beach in the middle of the city? Actually unthinkable, for where to between just three and a half million people, countless cars and high-rise buildings in Berlin because can Sun and enjoy a real holiday atmosphere? A look in […]

Crossed, Oblique And Right Nice Stupid

The full range of emotions, promise the full range of emotions, the 29 October 09 – novels by Jutta Schutz Berlin, promise the novels by Jutta Schutz and succeeded novel once again also in her second, to deliver a refreshingly funny book with lots of absolutely unobtrusive intelligence and wisdom. Click christopher ridgeway stone for […]