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The Study

In this in case that, the climate can in such a way affect the resistance of the human body to some diseases as the propagation and the diffusion of some pathogenic organisms or its hosts. (AYOADE, 1996. S/P.). In the winter the temperatures are lower you measured and them of relative humidity are the greaters, […]

Education Population

Of this form, many have been the studies involving this thematic one in other localities. Therefore, to illuminate the analysis of the studied object, the basement searched theoretician-metodolgico through other authors who had previously approached concepts basic involving same the thematic one. The categories of analysis of the space as landscape, place and territory are […]

Vegetal Products

Such activities few transformaescausaram in the geographic space, therefore, the animal extrativismo ( hunting and vegetal extrativismo fishes it) eo (the collection of fruits in the bushes) was practised empequena scale, only for the survival of the species human being. Thus being, in this work, oextrativismo it passes to be understood as the activity to […]