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Eggplant (Solanum melongena) – vegetable plant of the nightshade family. Homeland eggplant – India, Burma and China. In Europe it is cultivated in the Balkans, Italy and southern France. Biological features. Eggplant – an annual plant with a hard branched stems up to 90 cm and gray-green, egg-shaped leaves. The flowers are bisexual, self-pollinating, blue […]

Western Hawthorn

Hawthorn. Tree height from 1 to 5 m high, or shrub. In Russia there are 47 species of wild hawthorn, the most common are the prickly hawthorn, or ordinary (in the southwestern part of Carpathians), and Siberian (in Western and Eastern Siberia). Currently, the greatest amount of raw material supply Altai Hawthorn (up to 30 […]

Pests Of Vegetable Crops

Pests of vegetables: onion thrips, Common Mole Cricket, cabbage aphid. Characterization, control measures. Onion thrips. A very small insect length of 1 – 1,5 mm. Hibernates under the fallen leaves, litter and soil. Development of thrips from egg to adult stage takes place over 20-25 days. During the year, is 6.8 generations. The biggest spread […]

Conditions for Live Plants

In retail outlets, sells flowers, plants provide the right climate to him. Once the plant becomes accustomed to the new conditions of detention, sell it, and it is again subjected to stress. Even if delivery made him a comfortable environment, the creation of a familiar situation is impossible. Young and healthy flower is not as […]