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The Ceilings In The Clinic

With the advent of the process clearance suspended ceiling space has become more simple, convenient and fast. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr. John Mcdougall and gain more knowledge.. Installation of modular ceiling construction allows for a nice flat surface, beyond which can be hidden all necessary services – air conditioners, air […]

Chinese Natural Stone

Natural Stone from China just as well consist of minerals such as quartz, feldspar, dark-colored minerals, etc. And if you are convinced that the Chinese granite worse than what was brought from Italy or, for example, Holland did not believe it. Chances are good that this granite was purchased directly in China, and he simply […]

Natural Stone Veneer

There are several ways to create a natural stone veneer. Among them – the two main the most common type of attachment to the wall and cap. The first – the so-called “wet” method, carried out by means of adhesive (or adhesive mastics and mixtures). Second – glueless, using various fastening systems. But also appears […]

Western Hawthorn

Hawthorn. Tree height from 1 to 5 m high, or shrub. In Russia there are 47 species of wild hawthorn, the most common are the prickly hawthorn, or ordinary (in the southwestern part of Carpathians), and Siberian (in Western and Eastern Siberia). Currently, the greatest amount of raw material supply Altai Hawthorn (up to 30 […]

Kalina in Medicine

Kalina ordinary. Kalina – Euro-Siberian species, is a shrub 1.5-4 m or small tree. It grows mainly in the European part of Russia, especially abundant in the central zone, penetrates into the West and Central Siberia. It is distinguished by sustained, stable fruiting, crop failures, it is rare. Productivity in the European part of Russia […]