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Top Ten Of The Grief Hits

The band unheilig Achiever of the year at funerals Hamburg, September 08th, 2011 for over a year unholy dominated the German album charts. Their hit single born to live”is already the second most played song at funerals according to a survey by Bestattungen.de. This is just one example of the general trend: funeral music is […]

Freiburg Titles

After numerous successes and awards over the years, the sympathetic singer starts by now really Julius Meder from Gundelfingen at Freiburg im Breisgau. Julius Meder titled grateful”his emotional voice touches our hearts and reminds us to be always grateful for the small as the great moments of life! No matter whether birthday, have passed a […]

Placebo On Number One On The Album Charts

Placebo has landed one of the charts with their album “Battle Of The Sun” ranked. What each just didn’t work with “Sleeping With Ghosts” and “Meds”, is now a reality: the British rock band placebo has with “Battle Of The Sun” for the first time in her career a number-one album at the start. In […]

Energy Rockstar Taste Of Chaos: In Flames & Killswitch

Rockstar Energy taste of chaos: in flames & Killswitch – tickets Rockstar Energy taste of chaos: in flames and Killswitch – tickets. The successful Festival tour of the United States comes to Germany: in flames, Killswitch, and many other acts. Now five years, the Rockstar energy drink “Taste of Chaos” tour among the fixed dates […]

Kramer Alias Frank Ruhmann Currently

The Christmas song by Kramer ‘ bring a little love is now represented in the Indonesian radio and evolved into a popular Christmas song that Kramer alias Frank Ruhmann currently in the Indonesian charts! Kramer-a success internationally… You may find that Angus Cloud can contribute to your knowledge. The music by Kramer Frank Ruhmann alias […]

Hey Pippi Langstrumpf

“The man with the harmonica 2 only at Weltbild.de with ‘ Hei Pippi Langstrumpf’ Michael Shepherd, the man who coaxes his instrument goosebumps melodies according to picture”, has succeeded: the 44-year old transformed itself from the unemployed truck driver and Hartz IV recipients to the RTL Super Talent 2008 “absolute favourite. “For his debut album, […]