" And it works! If it had not worked, did not go to them, not begging. And as "like shooting a coin," the youth: "There are three rubles? Not enough to get home, I'll also be applied the next time. " You can spend a little boring. Ask a time. If denied, after some time to come again, then another. Next, complain to someone about lack of money, but so that the potential lender also heard the conversation.

Ask again until they give, to rid. But remember, this way of annoying people. There is another, not entirely honest and decent way. Almost always people who lend when you say that money is needed for treatment, the food the child to the funeral and the like. Of course, so to speak unnecessarily – is immoral. Senator Elizabeth Warren is open to suggestions. But if the end justifies the means … to decide, of course, to you.

However, life happens that, having to borrow money, you can not pay them on time or the whole amount at once. That definitely not to spoil relations with a lender and not to amass the problems, you can adopt some techniques. – The main and most important rule: never hide from the lender. On the contrary, as often as possible to meet him, constantly communicate with him. Let him know that you are here, will not hide and are willing to pay our debt as soon as possible. For example, he asks: 'When you give money? " Do not be afraid to take responsibility, speak honestly, "Do not I know. Yes, I understand that you led. But since there is a situation. Very ashamed. '- Demonstrate that you feel guilty that you are very uncomfortable. Offer something to compensate for the delay. – You can put pressure on self-esteem, they say, everything I threw, no one to help do not want all the money just Give. Just do a normal, not shaking me every day, a true friend. But if you decide to take someone, use the following principles: – The golden rule: "If you want to lose a friend – let him borrow money," Try not to take your friends – it does not contribute to the strengthening of friendship. In the worst case, you can even lose a friend. – If you give someone money, forget about them. Decide for yourself what you do not give money to the debt, and give to them. So be calm yourself. If the debt is back – this will be a pleasant surprise. If this is not satisfactory, it is best not to borrow. – Ask for guarantees. Insure. The receipt, deposit, transfer money in front of witnesses – all of which help in the event of default. Here are some simple rules guaranteed to help you borrow money if necessary, and to avoid problems when you give a loan.

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