Stone Special

The undisputed leader among materials for floor tiles is a face. It is quite solid and durable, and rich colors of natural stone can not only 'fit' it in any design decisions, but also to focus specifically on flooring. Texture Stone Special attention should be paid to the texture of stone, because the regularity of the withdrawal and its complexity is largely dependent because, whether the surface is smooth polished or rough. Smooth simple wash, but over time in areas of greatest cross-sections appear worn. Wash rough surface is somewhat more complicated, because the dust and dirt in the streets clogged in the slightest indentation. But the likelihood of slipping on this floor is reduced to zero.

Modern means to care for natural stone to simplify cleaning: protection from dirt, putting on the tile regularly, will significantly reduce the time cleaning the floor and give excellent results. Incidentally, the same coating can be applied and the wall lining. If you really want to choose a smooth tile (well polished black granite as a mirror reflects the walls and ceiling are lit hallway, giving placing greater solemnity and festivity), use the 'skid' compositions. They are easily drawn to the stone, completely invisible visually and provide an excellent result. Just remember that over time the protective film to refresh. Bath here in the bathroom experiments with slip-resistant feet it is better not to pursue. This place finish as the object of natural stone in general deserves special attention. Being constantly exposed to water and steam, tile in the bathroom in time accumulates on itself lime, and at very high humidity it may appear fungus.

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