So Paulo

These information and codes also are transmitted by means of the necklaces used for the umbandistas. The wire colors, number, number of firms, for example, they can say very on its carrier. This adornment is concentrative of the energies of orixs of the person, is not simple ‘ ‘ enfeite’ ‘ , but it is a protection amulet and it also indicates the experience of the practitioner. This is not used sporadical, but a preparation has all to use it (AZEVEDO, 2009, P.

49-51). Beyond the sung points, or ritualsticas musics, it also has the scratched out points, that they are drawings by means of which the entities are identified. Each one possesss a different point that allows to know the information it inherent. The striped point of Iemanj brings related elements to the salty water, what it allows to know when revealed it. Many would be the perceived artistic aspects in the rituals of umbanda that they could be brought in this article. However, this would enter in the recital of the religion, that is strict to the practitioners of it.

But, it could be perceived in these brought aspects that the art and the religion if relate the all instant. Both have particularitities, but if join for being activities of nature human being, who them of the meaning.

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