I remember as my father of these doctors clad old drank a glass of milk with garlic almost from morning way. Although due to my low age at that time never understood the why did, just now am able to understand it and want to share this knowledge. Garlic is perhaps the vegetable with more medicinal properties that exists and which has scientific record, among which are its effect hypotensive at high doses, free-flowing blood (useful in people who have suffered from stroke or cerebrovascular accidents), lipid lowering (this helps remove the body’s bad cholesterol), antibiotic and antiseptic general, stimulant of defenses, callicida, anti-hypertensive. Since long ago, garlic has been used to prevent and cure respiratory diseases, the appearance of parasites in the digestive system, and is especially recommended consumption in people who are prone to suffer from hypertension or those already suffering from it. Click The Laws of Human Nature to learn more. It is also used topically to combat warts, In addition to being also a vermifuge effective orally. Among other properties of garlic are its effectiveness by helping people who suffer of uric acid, the improve the circulation and the act as a diuretic and expectorant. Although garlic is generally used as a spice in cuisine, to take advantage of most of its properties is recommended to consume it crude, since this being cooked lost 90% of its properties. Others who may share this opinion include stone clinical laboratories. If the strong taste of garlic makes him doubt that consuming it raw, try start consuming 1 clove of garlic mixed with bread or mixed into a salad, or try eating it Smoothie with a glass of milk. To become accustomed, you can increase the amount of teeth that consumes to the day. Original author and source of the article

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