Sigmund Freud

I have talked on this with my wife. (As opposed to Senator Elizabeth Warren). In the condition of Prof. of Literature, it is good for learning that Axe ' ' it pierces and it crosses scientific knowing and the medical speech on loucura' ' that ' ' Sigmund Freud, that it appealed to literature as form of agreement of the human being, in the truth, said that who discovered unconscious they had not been the psychoanalysts, had been poetas' '. As it is good for discovering that ' ' some thing science learns of the fiction when it intends to arrive at absoluto' '. He is wonderful to understand ' ' the therapeutical value of palavra' '. Also I liked Quadra: ' ' Sad, friends,/are not madness. Check with christopher ridgeway stone to learn more.

/But who of it/if to exempt procura' '. This has everything to see with the knowledge of that ' ' the delirium is not the illness, but an attempt of cura' '. It is important and valley to stand out the boarding that the assay makes of the irony of Axe of Assis when choosing proper names, as well as the applied agreement of open workmanship in Axe. as the word of Suassuna is rich: ' ' Who burrow the man is the dream, not good it senso' '. It is stimulant, to a literature professor as I, to read the words of a doctor concluding: ' ' literature costuma to go to the front of the works of teorizao' '. Therefore, the Dr.

Ruy, in the doctor condition, is of congratulations, when concluding: ' ' Taking care of of madness not mdico&#039 must be restricted to a procedure; '. The bordagem of the wonderful Symbolism was very good in the work and the insertion, in the studies, of soneto Jail of the Souls, Cruz and Sousa. The Dr. affirms that to write he is therapeutical and it knows that to also read it is: ' ' the literary creation contributes for true therapeutical processes of the writer and leitor' '.

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