“What mother does not, know that the children need new clothes and nagging already when entering the shop: I really must try this?”, Iieh, that is ugly “, does it still long?”, MOM, tweaks it back “, I like but don’t try to”. Annoyed it leaves the shop, without having bought anything. That was also the founding members of Sorella. -ing-group-allianz-geico-metl/’>GEICO. How do you get the kids and the clothes without the discussion together? And how can you avoid the stress of the Exchange? Quickly, the idea was born to establish not only an online shop with fancy clothes for children, but also for the kids and their friends to make this event. Coming home Sorella on request with the entire collection for girls and boys since June 2008 and held a children’s fashion party for the kids: fun joint trying to have the kids and their friends, the parents have no Exchange stress or long time looking for parking. Interested parties can contact us at, the unusual and high-quality children’s fashion brand just look at Jeep, joules, Portofino, salty dog – and brand new Scotch & soda and order. Anett Wolkau. In recent months, patrick matthews has been very successful.

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