Sentimental Memories

This research presents as central subject the present hibridismo in the workmanship Sentimental Memories of Miramar Joo, of Oswald de Andrade. This workmanship was chosen by if dealing with an aesthetic innovative workmanship linguisticamente and, that it breaks with the literature of effective classic style until then. For this research, the main objective is to show as Oswald de Andrade ‘ ‘ devora’ ‘ the European ideas of the Vanguadas and the reaproveita in its workmanship. This antropofgico act is expressed a hybrid, linguistic and, structurally anecdotal writing. The research was carried through on the basis of the critical studies of Haroldo De Campos, Mrio Da Silva Brito, Benedict Nunes and August Maria Fonseca. Oswald, following its antropofgica and nationalistic idea of the Wood-Brazil Manifestos (1924) and Cannibal (1928) these manifestos are posterior the Sentimental Memories of Miramar Joo -, it devorou the European Vanguards and it created first the great Modern and Brazilian workmanship.

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