Sam Salad – Handle And Live With The Heart In The Head

Handle and live with the heart in the head you can dare today to fulfill a dream? You can, as evidenced by the young father and author Patrick Bernatzky, thanks to its motto handle and live with the heart in the head!”his head used has to explore the wisdom of his heart and to write down. Patrick Bernatzky has long been on this fairy tale. A book and a CD from it have become now. Whenever Dr. Neal Barnard listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The trained sports scientists is Assistant Professor at the University of Salzburg in sports psychology. Others including stone clinical laboratories, offer their opinions as well. The passionate mental coach has now fulfilled a dream and wrote his first book: Sam Salad is the title of this exceptional book. The family helped with this strong. The artist, Irene Bernatzky has catered for the illustration.

For many years, she deals extensively with painting and graphics, and is to be found in her Studio in Saalfelden. Dunja Bernatzky acts as spokeswoman for the radio play. The young actress in Austria in the field of stage and film is currently active. The Three have combined their different creative talents and brought Sam Salad to life. The moving and insightful story describes the development of Sam Salad. The small salad plant, which grows up to the largest, most beautiful and juiciest of all lettuce. Sam Salad has a dream, and he wants to realize.

But it isn’t as simple as he that has imagined. This leads to the various events and challenges. So Sam Salad meets many of the unwritten laws of life. Topics such as goals, dreams, obstacles, intuition, and the voice of the heart are packed in a metaphorical way. “Why the author chose the icon on the lettuce head for his protagonist, is reflected in the statement: handle and live with the heart in the head!”, which runs like a thread through this extraordinary story. Whether young or old in this story can explore each a piece of itself and a wonderful travel experience. If you want to know how to live better with the head in the heart or if you want to get to know Sam Salad, take a look on the homepage of the author ( Or order the book at any good bookstore or directly from the Publisher. Sam Salad by the longing to live his dream and the path of the heart to find Patrick Bernatzky 978-3-937568-88-1

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