Roman Son

These types of motivation are different ways in different directions and with different results. All human beings to to some extent use both, but each of us has a tendency to give preference to any one of these directions. Illustration Example practically implemented schemes with intrinsic motivation simultaneously involved positive and negative factors – the movie ‘Artificial Intelligence‘ (born Artificial Intelligence) – sci-fi drama by Steven Spielberg, released in 2001. Go to warn: the film is not about motivation … It is of reckless desire to create, the responsibility for those who tamed, the human tolerance for those who are unlike you and many other things, but not the motivation. And yet … he is a graphic illustration of the forces irrepressible, hidden in motivation. The film is set in the future.

Mankind is trying to maintain a civilization, creating androids who have the artificial intelligence. These attempts lead to the development of a humanoid robot-child of a fundamentally new type, which is capable of love. He is called David. The company that created it, wants to see how their creation will get accustomed to the family environment. This family are Henry and Monica. Their true son in a coma due to a rare disease.

Monica, having lost hope of a cure her son, David activates special functions, allowing him to love her as much as this child loves his parents. All, like, the sum normal. However, over time, the real son recovers and returns home. Now the children have to live together as brothers, but instead become rivals for the love of the mother. And, of course, the mother makes the choice in favor of this child, it is logical.

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